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2017 Season Finale - our 200th Show since we launched in 2007 - On December 27th - Harrisburg Bureau of Fire: It's a huge structure fire, the Tower is 1st in and it's not their 1st due area. This is the first Six-Camera shoot, from out of the barn to the very first on-scene. We are filming before...Read more

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Battalion LIVE Feed Broadcast Schedule

Take online classes with our professional trainers. Simply click the trainer below to go to their profile, and then click their LIVE feed button once they are online. All times below are listed in Pacific Time.

*Please note that all of our trainers are active in the fire service. Because of this, some broadcasts may be cancelled without prior notice due to calls or other extenuating circumstances. We will try to avoid this to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your understanding.

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Episode Two shows Spanish Fort Fire Rescue Engine 8 responding to a Mutual Aid Structure Fire on Christmas Day 2017.
by Cole Phillips

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Battalion LIVE Feed Broadcasts with Trainers and on-location will return in 2018

Dear Viewers, My name is Justin Medearis and I am very new to the company, it's been nearly nine months now and I am very excited to be a part of this project with a purpose and meaning, very rare here in Hollywood. I feel I am finally getting some good base knowledge of the fire service, the more...Read more

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Do you have spare gear or the ability to help transport it?

There are firehouses around the world without the tools or supplies they need to effectively help the people they serve. If you have extra gear -- be it helmets, hoses, or even trucks -- please consider giving it a second life at another department in need. Add a listing to our Donations Board if you are in need of gear, have gear you'd like to donate, or if you have the resources (freight, fleet, funds, etc.) to facilitate the transfer of gear from one location to another.