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Dear Viewers, As you know, our series is not about fires or victums, we are about the job and try to feature departments across North America. This show features Trevor Mistal who recently took the position of Fire Chief for the Stoney Plain Fire Department in Alberta Canada from Chief Dan Badry...Read more

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Take online classes with our professional trainers. Simply click the trainer below to go to their profile, and then click their LIVE feed button once they are online. All times below are listed in Pacific Time.

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Despite overwhelming odds 2 Departments save new hotel
by Patrick Bailey

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Flash Over and the Officers Responsibilities Company officers need to prepare their companies for potential flashovers. I am not talking about the ability to survive a flashover, but rather recognizing the present conditions in order to avoid a flashover from occurring. The officer is responsible...Read more

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Do you have spare gear or the ability to help transport it?

There are firehouses around the world without the tools or supplies they need to effectively help the people they serve. If you have extra gear -- be it helmets, hoses, or even trucks -- please consider giving it a second life at another department in need. Add a listing to our Donations Board if you are in need of gear, have gear you'd like to donate, or if you have the resources (freight, fleet, funds, etc.) to facilitate the transfer of gear from one location to another.

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Battalion Viewers, we are moving from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights at 6:00P.M. Pacific Standard Time...

We continue to have challanges for our shows being authorized by the Departments of the series, they all have been very busy last year and this year. The...

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