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Our Current New Show was filmed earlier this year with the Snyder Fire Department in Amherst New York as the trained with evolutions taught at HOT at FDIC 2016. Talk about a department that you can eat off of the bay floor and everything is stowed in the perfect place in perfect order, a lot can be...Read more
Battalion Viewers, This show received great ratings from the Fresno Fire Departments PIO, that's nothing to take lightly and we are honored to receive their praise for our work. As you know, our series is not about fire or victims, it's about the job... This New show is exactly that... We spend 12...Read more
We are back in Colorado with the Cortez Fire Protection District to see how a small town department gears up and trains for a possible Hazmat Incident, a demonstration of a new portable pump using a pool for drafting and several EMS calls.Read more
Dear Battalion Viewers, Just a note: I am not sure if you know this, but only Battalion Members can stream our videos in High Definition. Non-Members must watch it in Standard Definition. As you know, we are not about the fires or victims, but about the job, and your safety on the job. Our new show...Read more
This department continues to train with the latest tools, tech and gear, today is no different than any other day; training in the afternoon, A few years back Prince Georges County Fire/EMS tested Key Fire Hose Combat Ready Line that is up to FDNY specifications, it's now being deployed across the...Read more
On the last 24, we were riding with Saftey Office Jiron. A call came in late in the afternoon, we responded for nearly an hour to nearly the county line, down a dirt road, to a home that was fully envolved. In this part of the county their are very few hydrants and the Prince Georges County Fire/...Read more
We are in full production and have been filming for the last 7 days, and we have 7 more here in Maryland. We have been filming with several Safety Officers. On this call, we were riding with Captain Hurt, a Safety Officer. You may have seen this department testing Key Fire Hose Combat Ready hose...Read more
6:20AM Riding with Battalion Chief Donny Fletcher on structure fire call, we arrive on-scene to a single family dwelling, the flames have just been put out and they had brought our a male victum, watch the video here on our slider to see them working the female victum and saving a life, you may...Read more
The Battalion Series Returns for our 2017 Season Premier on Tuesday, January 31st Featuring Prince Georges County Fire/EMS with an new show with Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor running Incident Command on an Apartment Fire. At 11:00AM EST , we will be Broadcasting a very special Reunion of Rescued and...Read more
The Battalion Series Returns on January 31st with our first new video-webisode for our 2017 Season featuring Prince Georges County Fire/EMS with a special show dedicated to Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor who recently retired. Also on January 31st our film crew begins filming 24/7 for the next two weeks...Read more