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Chief J. Hockey, CenHawk Fire Rescue
I need gear

My name is Justin Hockey, 28 of Cherokee, Iowa.  I've been with a Volunteer Department towards the end of my high school years, the time with them was my fondest memory.  I'm venturing into a business within the real estate industry and am planning to establish a private sector service within my business venture.   Being that this is a process I'm undergoing alone at the current time, and with the economy being as it is presently I'm certain everyone can understand how very little progress personal funding can achieve and as my agency is private sector it is next to impossible to get grants for gear and equipment.

Having had a friend introduce me to this site, and having seen the donations board, I took it upon myself to place my request for assistance.  Any assistance to help me in getting the agency on it's feet would be sincerely appreciated.  While Fastlane Emergency Vehicle's CEO has offered a Lease to Own plan, it will still take some time before I can take up that offer.  The service will be starting out of my private residence and expanding as soon as I can acquire a property to serve officially as a station.  That said, my request is for any gear, equipment, or apparatus that may help in getting the agency on it's feet.  I'm in no desperation, and do not need anything immediately but would simply like to get things lined up and to have a plan in motion.  Should the assistance be granted, I will do my best to retrieve whatever is offered myself so that I may give my personal appreciation for your kindness.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

J. Hockey
Chief, CenHawk Fire Rescue