The Premiere of our New Series! Filming at FDIC with Snyder Fire | Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

Big week for The Battalion.

This is the Premiere for our first series in the North East, and it's with theSnyder Fire Department celebrating there 100th Year Anniversary, big party coming up...

We filmed with them two weeks ago as they prepared to go to FDIC, produced the show in a week, now on and Premiering now on

As you can see by the photo, we are with the entire crew attending the event, but our focus is on the Commissioner, a long time attendee to FDIC and a Trainer, his class is tomorrow morning,  we will be there

They arrived today at the Indianapolis Airport, we followed them to their crib, a place they have been staying for years, the registration and the Commissioner as he did his "Tech Check" for his class for Tuesday.

We are also following a few "1st Timers," one being a newly made Lieutenant.

Today we filmed him during a Forcable-Entry class, and the Commissioner attending a training class as well; maybe a little of the Downtown night life tonight with whom ever we run into..

We will be posting throughout the week.

Check out them out in our NEW Current show and follow "The FDIC Experience" mini-series in the coming months. 

You've heard it a million times, but it's so true and what FDIC is all about; train like your life depends on it.

Be safe.