Telling A Story | Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

Since I was in elementary school I have loved everything about the fire service, especially the department I watched respond through my neighborhood growing up.  I’m fortunate to work for that same fire department alongside many of the firefighters I met as a child.  As the Public Information Officer I have the unique privilege of responding to incidents and documenting them through my lens.  One challenges that many public safety agencies have is engaging their community members and keeping them interested in what’s going on.  By using helmet cams, dash cams, professional photography and good story telling, my hope is that South Metro’s new web series “Unscripted” will be a successful community outreach tool. 

Episode 1 was published last week on April 9th and features our internationally accredited 911 Communications Center “MetCom” and the Incident Dispatch Team.  Episode 2 is being filmed now with release planned in May. 

Of course, there are still many other responsibilities I have like responding to incidents.  Last week South Metro’s Firefighters battled 2 suspicious vegetation fires in Parker, Colorado.  The first burned 1.3 acres, the second burned 14 acres, required a 2nd Alarm and air support.  I captured this video of the extreme fire behavior that occurred through afternoon.