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PIO-LIVE with Mark Brady Returns in 2018

Dear Battalion Viewers,

PIO-LIVE has been a very interesting project and I am proud to be a part of it. 

I hope I have helped and informed some of your as to what the job is all about and the importance of representing your department and it's members. 

We got off to a rocky start to attempt to do a weekly broadcast by myself in my buggy, brining in special guests and going on location to such locations as Las Vegas we hope brought you some great programming. 

My PIO-LIVE Broadcast this Special Guest TBD

Hello viewers,

Thank you for your continued support of my LIVE weekly broadcast, I continue to work to bring you interesting guests such as most recently, the PIO for the Las Vegas Fire Department a few days after one of the worst tragedies in our countries history. 

I am not sure of who my special guest will be tomorrow, everyone so busy, sometimes it's a surprise to me as to whom can make it in the seat. 

PIO-LIVE with my Special Guest PIO Peter Piringer

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 11th at 3:00PM EST, I will be broadcasting my show with my friend and fellow PIO Pete Piringer from Montgomery County Maryland as we discuss and prepare for our Presentation in Nashville at the Firehouse Expo. You would think it would be easy, it's always a challenge to make sure you that you cover the most pertinent and up-to-date information so Pete and I want to be prepared...see you PIO's there.

Be safe.

Mark Brady

My PIO-LIVE Broadcast is Back and Location TBD

It's not as easy as one would think to have a special guest for my weekly broadcast. If they are in the fire service, to pin them down at a certain time on a certain day of the week does not work in our line of work, we're available 24/7 - seven days a week as a PIO, so I won't know who's sitting next to me normally before the day of the broadcast, but I promise to keep the broadcast informational as to being a PIO and hope we can take you to an incident in progress. Thank you for attending the broadcast: be safe out there.

My PIO-LIVE Broadcast is Back and LIVE from the Classroom

My PIO-LIVE Broadcast is back, Wednesday September 20th at 12:00PM EST and this week we are LIVE from the Classroom for a Basic PIO Class and my Special Guest will be PIO Pete Piringer the Chief Spokesperson of Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue; President of College Park VFD and has worked for Washington D.C. and the state of Maryland.

This is a real classroom training, so if you are thinking of becoming a PIO, you should watch this show and follow Mark Brady's weekly series.

Stay safe.

PIO-LIVE with Mark Brady on August 30th at 3:00PM EST

I have been producing my weekly series now for a few months and have had the pleasure of having some great guests, and that will continue. Last week we were on-scene as residents were being evacuated from a very dangerous situation. This weeks guest will be a surprise even to me, you just never know who will be in the seat next to me and what call or event may happen why we are LIVE. Be safe out there..

PIO LIVE is Back

PIO LIVE will return this Wednesday, August 16, at 3:00 pm EST.  Our guest this week is an Assistant Fire Chief with the Ocean City, MD, Fire Department.  I will be speaking at the Maryland Assocition of Counties on Thuesday morning and will be travelling to Ocean City on Wednesday.  Should be an informative and interesting 20-minute conversation!!!