PIO - LIVE adds Viewers every Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST | TheBattalion.tv Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

It would take someone from Hollywood to think of this training concept of having the Public Information Officer (PIO) get out from behind the desk and to go live out and about doing their job.  David Furtado, Executive Producer, of theBattalion.tv is just the person to come up with this concept that has gone from under 100 or so viewers the first week to numbers into the thousands.


The concept is to broadcast live from spots around Prince George’s County while I’m doing my job.  Keeping the training concept as the focus of my adventures I have engaged in a few “this is how I did it” solo discussions to having a guest ride with me and discuss various topics that could be of interest to viewers.  Our goal is to have viewers learn just one thing during our 30 minute episodes.


Being out and about it would be a challenger, not to mention unsafe, to engage viewers in a chat.  Instead I have invited viewers to email me.  Some emails I answer directly and some I will bring up on the next episode.  It has worked out better than I could expect with the numbers of emails I receive rising every week.  I encourage anyone with a Fire or EMS PIO related question or comment to email me at PIOMarkBrady@gmail.com.


Watch the show every Wednesday at 3:00 pm EST on my training channel on www.theBattalion.tv.