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New Show - 2017 FDIC Experience with Snyder Fire

Our NEW Webisode is the start of the 2017 FDIC Experience with the Snyder Fire Department in the State of New York.

We followed this department in 2016, you may have seen the 2016 FDIC Experience on this site or on or other sites, if not, you should check it out, then watch this jam-packed show. From learning more about this Department, these firefighters, their continued education and training, new technology and old day tracking that always works, and... the beautiful Hamlet they live in near Nigeria Falls.

NEW Night for NEW Shows !

Battalion Viewers, we are moving from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights at 6:P.M. PST for new shows.

We are working to bring you new shows every two-weeks starting this Wednesday.

As usual, depending on the Chief of these departments having the time to authorize their video-webisdoes is has been the challenge for years and that has not changed. Case in point, the Chief of Calaveras Consolidated Fire has been busy keeping personal at the stations and helping staff with his members for the fires across California. 

NEW Night, NEW Shows: every Two Weeks!

The Battalion returns to regular programing starting this Wednesday night with the return of the Fresno Fire Departments crew from Truck 11 as they extricate police officers from their cruiser..

New shows every Two Weeks through the Summer, check the "SCHEDULE" about for updates. 

Our Battalion LIVE Feed Broadcasts with professional Trainers from across North America returns on July 12th, more on that next week.

Filming Locations for 2016

Battalion Members,

We are in pre-production to film with at least three new departments between now and the end of the year, we will be announcing one of these new locations in the next few weeks. 

We begin Production this year as we continue with the Calaveras Consolidated Fire Department slated to start filming 24/7 on July 9th for a period of only eight days. We are returning for what we call "Pick-Up" shots for shows that are now in Post-Production. 

More info to follow in the coming weeks.

Be safe. Network Crew

Filming "The FDIC" Experiance with Snyder 100% Volunteer Fire

I arrived on Sunday morning to film the volunteers from the Snyder Fire Department in upstate New York.

The crew arrived at the airport, grabbed their luggage, caught a ride, and arrived at their hotel. Short after, they went to the convention center and registered to start their adventure...more to come tomorrow as the 1st Timer joins hundreds of firefighters as they all meet in preparation to load onto the bussess and hit the road for one of the many training locations around the city...