New Show - 2017 FDIC Experience with Snyder Fire | Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

Our NEW Webisode is the start of the 2017 FDIC Experience with the Snyder Fire Department in the State of New York.

We followed this department in 2016, you may have seen the 2016 FDIC Experience on this site or on or other sites, if not, you should check it out, then watch this jam-packed show. From learning more about this Department, these firefighters, their continued education and training, new technology and old day tracking that always works, and... the beautiful Hamlet they live in near Nigeria Falls.

You may have seen us filming here for the 2017 FDIC Experience, this one also includes Randy Schmitz, a Professional Extrication Trainer from Canada and one of the Featured Trainers here on the Battalion.

Training is Key...

Be safe.