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The Premiere of a New Series! Filming at FDIC with Snyder Fire

Big week for The Battalion.

This is the Premiere for our first series in the North East, and it's with theSnyder Fire Department celebrating there 100th Year Anniversary, big party coming up...

We filmed with them two weeks ago as they prepared to go to FDIC, produced the show in a week, now on

We are with the entire crew, but our focus is on the Commissioner, a long time attendee to FDIC and a Trainer, his class is tomorrow, we will be there

Filming for the Firefighters Cancer Support Network with Boston Fire

Our involvement with the Firefighters Cancer Support has just begun. We are very excited to be a part of supporting this organization, this is all due to the direction given to us via Chief Bobby Halton from the Pennwell Fire Group when we were asked to film their Awards Gala here in Los Angeles, he did not know that he too was getting an award and we were proud to be there. You will see all of this in an upcoming Special webisode in 2016.

Butte Fire in Calaveras County CA, is where I just arrived to film

I am back filming with the Calaveas Consolidated Fire District, I just arrived. The Chief is on his way to pick me up and take me into the fire line. We had a big dump of rain last night, so It's not going to be what you've seen on Television, but let's see what we get. Chief Robitaille is also one of Sixteen PIO's for this incident, so we hope to get some great behind the scenes shots and footage for their series.  We are going to see if we can find a few of the guys from this photo on the line tonight, photos will be posted tomorrow morning before we go back safe

Filming continues in Colorado

Late in the afternoon, a call came in for a roll-over. In Cortez, drive time on "G" road can be at least a half hour in the summer and an hour in the winter, that's way past the golden hour to save a life. In this case, the occupants of the vehicle self-extracated and were safe, but, as you 1st responders know, this is not always the case and it does affect you during these long drive times to want to get there to save a safe.

Filming continues with the Cortez Fire Protection District in Colorado in 2015

Filming began in late July, the first call up once the cameras were rolling on the first night, was a medical call and the Cortez Firefighters were first on-scene and assisted in packaging up their patient and transferring her into the ambulance. Next, the first call of the morning was a motorcycle rider that ran into the back of a compact vehicle, the driver of the motorcycle sustained injuries.