OUR CURRENT NEW SHOW - CSFA Training Part II - Why produce series?

Dear Battalion Viewers,

Just a note: I am not sure if you know this, but only Battalion Members can stream our videos in High Definition. Non-Members must watch it in Standard Definition. 

As you know, we are not about the fires or victims, but about the job, and your safety on the job. Our new show is with the California State Firefighters Association and the free training they offered their members in Chowchilla California.

WHY this show means so much to us, and continuing with this series...at the very end you will meet a Captain that quickly sums up what our series meant to him, you all are the reason we produce this series.

The Battalion Training Channel returns the last week in March, keep you eye on our schedule. Also, we have several new trainers joining our team with both physical and nutritional training. 

Be safe.