Rural Firefighting with Tankers in Maryland | Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

On the last 24, we were riding with Saftey Office Jiron. A call came in late in the afternoon, we responded for nearly an hour to nearly the county line, down a dirt road, to a home that was fully envolved. In this part of the county their are very few hydrants and the Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Tankers were called in. This wss very eye opening for use to film. In the beginning, you could see very little pressure and at times, no water at all coming out of the nozzles; this show will be coming 

This is a shout-out is to Jim Davis, known as "Guppy" who has been taking photos and selling tee shirts for both Prince Georges County Fire/EMS and D.C. Fire for years, and years, and years. He gave our D.P a cap, so we want to thank him. You can find his gear online at PGFDFIRE.COM