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Currently filming with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire in PA

May 30th, 2017

Sorry to say, I have been filming with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire since May 17th, they have been so busy I have not had time to post anything. 

I am filming 24 hours a day completely by myself on this one, we call it "low budget producing" such as we do in the documentary film world, it's just that we are on the Internet as a series, but we get it done for you. This is "Real-Life-Training."

FDIC 2017 with Snyder Fire

Our Current New Show was filmed earlier this year with the Snyder Fire Department in Amherst New York as the trained with evolutions taught at HOT at FDIC 2016.

Talk about a department that you can eat off of the bay floor and everything is stowed in the perfect place in perfect order, a lot can be learned from this Department in a beautiful Hamlet near Niagara Falls.

You'll learn more about the Department, their 1st Due, their 100th Year Anniversary, a vehicle accident not more than a block away...and much more.

NEW SHOW - A Fresno Fire Battalion Chief

Battalion Viewers,

This show received great ratings from the Fresno Fire Departments PIO, that's nothing to take lightly and we are honored to receive their praise for our work.

As you know, our series is not about fire or victims, it's about the job...

This New show is exactly that...

We spend 12 hours with Battalion Chief Larry French from his desk, to his first chainsaw tree fall, Hazmat training...night falls, he responds to a structure fire; that's a heck of a 12 hour start...

Be safe.

OUR CURRENT NEW SHOW - CSFA Training Part II - Why produce series?

Dear Battalion Viewers,

Just a note: I am not sure if you know this, but only Battalion Members can stream our videos in High Definition. Non-Members must watch it in Standard Definition. 

As you know, we are not about the fires or victims, but about the job, and your safety on the job. Our new show is with the California State Firefighters Association and the free training they offered their members in Chowchilla California.

Positive Pressure Training at Station 816

This department continues to train with the latest tools, tech and gear, today is no different than any other day; training in the afternoon, 

A few years back Prince Georges County Fire/EMS tested Key Fire Hose Combat Ready Line that is up to FDNY specifications, it's now being deployed across the County, today they are using the Yellow Line, it comes in assorted colors so you can designate it as a cross-lay, bumper line, anything you want to know what line comes from where.