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Current New Webisode "Women on the Watch"

"Women on the Watch" is back for the first time in years. This webisode will focus on a young women working as a volunteer firefighter and over the next year, we will see her blossom and watch her save a life. 

This show goes from a motorcycle accident first thing in the morning, to some great training with one of the top women in the fire service, to some potable pump training on the lake, to our volunteer firefighter getting some time on the nozzle. 

This series is not always about fire, it's about the people on-the-job.



NEW show with Calaveras Fire - River Rescue / B.C. at Lake Fire

Our upcoming show this week features the Calaveras Consolidated Fire District. In a previous show Battalion Chief Olsen was heading out to the Lake Fire to meet up with his Incident Command Team, we catch up with him later in the day, this day starts off on the Calaveras River with both Engine Companies arriving on-scene. 

This series is not about fire's or victims, it's about the job, training and real life training with departments across North America.

Be safe.

The Battalion Returns with Calaveras Fire

We hope you enjoyed The FDIC Experience Mini-Series, now we return to our regular programming. 

In this webisode, we bring you the first part of a 48 shift with one of the firefighter/engineers from the Calaveras Consolidated Fire Protection District located in the foothills of the beautiful Sierra Mountains in California. His day starts off with a vehicle roll-over and the patient needs to be transported via helicopter, like most do with advanced life support over twenty minutes away, then, the department tests and trains a portable pump along the beautiful Calaveras River

"The FDIC Experience" Part 5,- "The Finale" our Current New Show!

Battalion Viewers, you can find "The FDIC Experience" Part 5 - "The Finale on our Northeast Region with the Snyder Fire Department Series as well as on our "Special Presentation" channel. If you have never been, and are thinking of going to FDIC in 2017, you should watch this series and this last show will really give you an idea as to what it talks to complete the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at the Lucas Oil Stadium. Follow the 1st Timer from Snyder from the day he arrived. Training is key, FDIC is all about the best of the best.

Training Channel Back to Beta Testing

Battalion Members,

We are back in "Beta Testing" with our Interactive Training Channel.

With continuing technical issues working with our Trainers ISP Providers across North America, and the Software packages we are working to integrate, we have learned their is more technical challenges to produce the "Battalion LIVE Feed" web-casts than we thought, but we are very close.

Our TRAINING CHANNEL goes LIVE tommorrow, July 12th

Battalion Members,

Our Training Channel returns with"Battalion LIVE Feed" Broadcasts starting tomorrow, July 12th, with Lieutenant Craig Duck (retired) who's focus for the next six months will be "Flash-Over" with both class and in REAL fire training that was filmed at the Washington D.C.. Fire and EMS Training Grounds.

Please tell your friends, word of mouth is our primary advertising for our Training Channel.