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Volunteer Firefighters, this new show's for you; LIVE Fire Training

This is our second show with Calaveras Fire Consolidated District in Californa. This Department is a combination Department and this show will show you a Chief doing all he can to keep his department staffed with quality and well trained Firefighters. The Chief is  very involved witht the California State Firefighters Association that creats great training opportunities for its volunteers across the State. This Chied is all about safety and training. At this event they offered LIVE Fire Training, Ventalation and Forceable Entry, you should check it out. 

Our New Show tonight, Meet Calaveras Consolidated Fire

Battalion Viewers, people as how we pick departments to film? First of all, all of the Departments where we film find us, we learn about them and then decide why they may be a good department to film. As you know, we are not about the fires nor the patients, we are about the men and women on-the-job. The Calaveras Cosolidated Fire District is a new and young department with the normal growing pains, it's what they are doing with those pains that make this a good series with some great story.

Filming for the Firefighters Cancer Support Network with Boston Fire

Our involvement with the Firefighters Cancer Support has just begun, and we are very excited to be a part of it all due to the direction of Chief Bobby Halton from the Pennwell Fire Group when we were asked to film their Awards Gala here in Los Angeles a few weeks back with awards going to some of the people that have supported this great organizaion, such as Cheif Halton.

LIVE Broadcast today at 2:00PM EST with PIO Mark Brady from P.G. Co. Fire/EMS

Battalion viewers, we have been plagued with technical problems and our Trainers have been learning to use Ustream for their broadcasts, that is when Ustream is working correctly, yesterday it was not. TODAY, we try again, with Prince Geoges County Fire/EMS PIO Mark Brady will take about the job of the PIO and thier current webisode. We have been testing all morning, we hope this one goes smoother, this will be the last broadcast for 2015. Be safe.

We recently wrapped filming Water Rescue Training in Campbellsville Kentucky

We just wrapped up filming with the Campbellsville Fire-Rescue Special Operatons Division in Kentucky for their Fall 2015 Swiftwater Rescue Program Course. They trained in both inflatable and flat-bottom aluminium One Boat Rescue Boats... safe for rescue, recovery, military; or just having fun.