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LIVE Broadcast today at 2:00PM EST with PIO Mark Brady from P.G. Co. Fire/EMS

Battalion viewers, we have been plagued with technical problems and our Trainers have been learning to use Ustream for their broadcasts, that is when Ustream is working correctly, yesterday it was not. TODAY, we try again, with Prince Geoges County Fire/EMS PIO Mark Brady will take about the job of the PIO and thier current webisode. We have been testing all morning, we hope this one goes smoother, this will be the last broadcast for 2015. Be safe.

We recently wrapped filming Water Rescue Training in Campbellsville Kentucky

We just wrapped up filming with the Campbellsville Fire-Rescue Special Operatons Division in Kentucky for their Fall 2015 Swiftwater Rescue Program Course. They trained in both inflatable and flat-bottom aluminium One Boat Rescue Boats... safe for rescue, recovery, military; or just having fun.

Today, November 19 - 11:00AM PST- LIVE with Mark Brady - PIO for Prince Georges County Fire/EMS

A recent mass casualty crash claimed the life of 3 adults and 2 children. A female lost her unborn child and 13 others were critically injured. PIO lessons learned and refreshed. 

Editors Note: as we see it, the job of a PIO is not as easy of a job as it looks. Networks and news organizations are daily after the PIO from fire departments for a story, the truth is not always what can be told; as well as the legal ramifications to the city, the department or the PIO. But sometimes it has it's rewards...

Today, LIVE from Taiwan, International Trainer Chief Frank Cardinale teaching Incident Command

Today, Wednesday, November 18th - 1:00PM PST LIVE from Taiwan... 

Battalion Members, login in early, and it may take the Chief a few minutes to get set-up...but just click on our Training Channel, then, click on Chief Cardinale's photo to find his Channel, then, click on the "Battalion LIVE Feed - Online" button; and join in on the conversation and chat with the Chief. 

Cheif Dennis Rubin on FireEngineering's Blog Radio

Battalion Viewers, 

Dennis L. Rubin, current Fire Chief of the City of De Pere in Wisconsin and previously the Fire Chief with Washington D.C. Fire / EMS, "Rube," as he likes to be called, is a featured author, has top-notch educational accomplisments and is featured on's Contempory Issues in the American Fire Service Blog Radio show series, on this show, he talks about

Coming on November 13th at 6:00PM PST: Prince Georges County Fire/EMS returns...

Coming on November 13th at 6:00PM PST, the return of Prince Georges County Fire/EMS. On this webisode, you will meet Mark Brady, the Public Information Officer who is also a Trainer, if you ever want to become a PIO, Mark would be a great firefighter to know.

You'll see some of the guys from Morningside Volunteer Fire Department at Station 27. Some great hose line training in the interior of the our shopping market, perfect for Winter Training. 

LIVE, Friday at 1:00PM PST, meet Heavy Rescue Expert Randy Schmitz Broadcasting from Canada.

Randy has been Involved in the extrication field extensively for over twenty-three years. He has competed in all levels of competition including Regional, International and World Challenges. He is the Educational Chairmen for the“Transport Emergency Rescue Committee” in Canada, is the Chairmen For the “Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association, a ”T.E.R.C International Extrication Judge as well as an Instructor of Extrication courses across Canada and the U.S.A.