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Coming on November 13th at 6:00PM PST: Prince Georges County Fire/EMS returns...

Coming on November 13th at 6:00PM PST, the return of Prince Georges County Fire/EMS. On this webisode, you will meet Mark Brady, the Public Information Officer who is also a Trainer, if you ever want to become a PIO, Mark would be a great firefighter to know.

You'll see some of the guys from Morningside Volunteer Fire Department at Station 27. Some great hose line training in the interior of the our shopping market, perfect for Winter Training. 

LIVE, Friday at 1:00PM PST, meet Heavy Rescue Expert Randy Schmitz Broadcasting from Canada.

Randy has been Involved in the extrication field extensively for over twenty-three years. He has competed in all levels of competition including Regional, International and World Challenges. He is the Educational Chairmen for the“Transport Emergency Rescue Committee” in Canada, is the Chairmen For the “Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association, a ”T.E.R.C International Extrication Judge as well as an Instructor of Extrication courses across Canada and the U.S.A.

Our NEW Webisode is with Fresno Fire's PIO that misses the action...

Koby Johns, a (PIO) "Public Information Officer" with the Fresno Fire Department in Central California, is about to complete his two year term, an as with every firefighter, he wants to be out there on the hose line. This webisode features firefighter Johns as the PIO on one day, and picks up a 24 at Station 5 with Engine Company 5's "B" Shift; some very interesting calls. He jumps in on several fires and spends some time on a waterslide with some chieldren. Koby is a family man and one terrific PIO, that is always on the go. 

Today, Wednesday, at 1:00PM PST, International Trainer Frank Cardinale answers your questions

Chief Cardinale is a Fire Service Specialist with more than 36 years in the fire service. Chief Cardinale’s last assignment was with the San Francisco Fire Department as an Assistant Deputy Chief in charge of the Division of Training. Chief Cardinale is a nationally recognized course developer and instructor in high-rise fire fighting, command and control, and fire management.

Today at 2:00PM PDT, LIVE from Alberta Canada, Rescue Trainer Randy Schmitz

NOTICE: At an earlier point in time, this blog post and the training session mentioned within it both referred to the training session topic as "Big Rig Rescue", which is a trademarked phrase. Our use of this phrase infringed on the third party's mark, and as such all instances of the infringing phrase have been removed from our website. Neither or Randy Schmitz is affiliated with Big Rig Rescue.

This New Webisode is Dedicated to Captain Pete Durn from Fresno Fire

This new webisode with the Water Rescue Team from Station 4 and Station 13, and all of the upcoming video-webisodes with the Fresno Fire Department Series in 2015 and 2016, are dedicated to Captain Pete Dern from Station 4. On March 29th, Captain Dern suffered serious second and third degree burns to most of his body after falling through a roof into a burning building. Captain Dern is a Captain at Station 4 on Truck 4, as well as the Water Rescue and the USAR Team. The Captain is now walking, talking, and smiling! We wish Captain Dern and his family the very best.