Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

Fresno's PIO takes a 24 at Station 5, anything to get back on the fire ground.

We start the day at Station 14 with Captain Juratovac, who shows us around the beautiful original station at the Marina. A woman and her child drop of toys for the annual Toys for Tots drive. We respond to a few calls, then we head over to Station 38 with Firefighter Carol Bodin. This is Women on the Watch.

Station 6, The Big House, and Engine 6 and Truck 4 crews respond to calls. We then arrive at a bowling alley on a very special day where all firefighters who are not on the job are partying at the bowling alley and bowling for the Washington D.C. Burn Center. Our cameraman is enticed by Squad 3 to check out some pear juices. The crew from Engine 10 try to bounce a ball off the wall and we meet a recent burn victim waiting to get back on the job. We are back The Big House when a call comes in for smoke showing at a high rise apartment building. Both engine and truck are dispatched.

Across America, and around the world; there are cut-backs, brown-outs, and stations have closed. This story is about one of the many things that the Fresno Fire Department does RIGHT, and this is a big ones for us. Station 4, recently remodeled, has only had a Four-Man Crew manning the Tower-Truck, the USAR / Rescue rig, and they are also a part of Water Rescue Team for years.

Running out of Station 9, we ride with the Battalion Chief to a shooting not that far away from the station. A call comes in for "smoke showing". Morning, we're back at Station 11 at the shift change. We meet a young firefighter – a San Francisco Giants fan and his fiance at his home.

Lt. Duck is one of the very few that is always training his crews, Engine, Truck and the Ambo. It's been snowing and cold so he sets up training in the center of the apparatus floor; this is about trust your brothers.

Meet PIO Mark Brady - Hose LIne Training with B.C. Wargo, HURST trainning, Apt. Fire

Night falls and Division Chief Frank Cardinale responds to a structure fire. In San Francisco the Chiefs still have drivers. When they arrive on scene, the driver is the person that tracks the locations of all Battalion crews from each station that has arrived on scene; it's old school but it works. Morning comes, which brings us to the morning meeting where they go over the calls, as well as the gear or rigs that need service. Next, it's some hose line training with Lieutenant Juratovac on the streets of San Francisco

After a day of EMS calls, Eng. 10 responds to an apartment fire.

Without the nesesary tools, firefighters and citizens are in danger. House Fire, they find a body, Gas leak in street.