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This morning, Chief Kelleher and the crew clean the rigs, the get thrashed in the winter; a call comes in, it's supporting a Hazmat Incident at NASA; it's by invitation only, and even then, you can't just walk in. Listen to the radio chatter, many stations sent units and they are all in the holding patten; what's really going on? Back at the station, they continue to check their gear, a call comes in, it's an auto accident...and I think the siren was stuck? We arrive on scene. The one patient is getting tended too, Kentland volunteer jumps in to support the patients neck, the patient is packaged up and off to the hospital, we return to quarters. Night, you can see D.C. it's so clear. The Chief calls a roll call to see who's availible tonigt, and, to make announcment that he has become a Technician, "Driver Engineer" at his paid job with the D.C. Fire Department, You can check him out there. About an hour late, a call comes in, it's a box alarm.

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