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Station 33, 1:30AM, it's a quiet moment, they just finished cleaning the bay. Fire Chief Tony Kelleher sits in the Day Room watching television with the guys, it's sounds like it's been a busy day. A call comes in, it's an accident and a vehicle is off the road. They arrive on-scene to find a SUV that has rolled over several times and the driver is trapped in the vehicle. Deputy Pat Mann takes command. show They pull out the HURST Jaws of Life and get to work. We meet live-ins Joe Brown and Christopher Rutter; he explains the call. They grab donuts after the cut-job. Morning comes, some grab a bit, we meet Fire Chief Tony Kelleher as he talks about tradition. Baking the hat, that's tradition. A call comes in on for the Rescue, Firefighter Joe Brown is behind the wheel., it's supposed to be a car fire. As they head back to the station, a box call comes in, it's a residential fire, the arrive and pull lines.Afternoon, they arrive on scene of a vehicle accident on the beltway.

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