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A call comes in for a structure fire at a park, the Mini-Pumper is dispatched with only two firefighters. Upon arriving on scene, it's a huge vegetation fire. With limited water supply, they have to disconnect the line, fill the tank, and return to the fire and hook back up, This is done several times and the danger is a large tree on fire that can fall on a building on the property. When the fire is finally put out, the chore of cutting down the tree is not so easy. It eats up a chain on the saw, they go back to the station for 2nd saw that has problems, then, it's time to bust out the axe. Not so easy. After the call, one of the engine companies arrive to see what's taking so long, they help wrap hose line. The next morning, they start the day cleaning the rigs. There's been a mechanical problem with the Engine, here at Kentland, they try to repair anything they can to keep the cost down for the department. The Chief pitches in but Rutter is the man.The rig goes back into service and it's out the door on another call, it's a vehicle accident. Then, back at the station, it's yard duty for Maine on the edge trimmer.

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