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The FDIC Experience continues with Part 3 the Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (F.O.O.L.S.) party all night to close out a great day; the Snyder Crew are somewhere in this crowd. Morning, companies set up their booths. The Commissioner attended classes, now he's an Instructor. The Fire Chief and two Lieutenants attend a class while the Commissioner is a featured guest host on Radio. Late afternoon, the sky opens pounding down rain, the Commissioner and the Lieutenant join Chief Halton at the Fun-Run as rain pours down on the event, night- firefighters party at Indy.

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Snyder Fire Department

The Snyder Fire Department is a 100% volunteer fire department that provides fire, rescue and emergency medical service to approximately 20,000 residents in a six square mile area within the Town of Amherst, New York. The department responds to in excess of 1000 emergency incidents each year and is staffed by over 75 volunteer firefighters. Operations are carried out from one central station that houses all the apparatus and administrative offices.