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Late Summer 2019 -The Battalion is returning Commercial Free Network has gone away for many reasons but we are coming back Commercial FREE for our Members and being a Battalion Member is still FREE.

As a Member you will receive updates as we continue to prepare for The Battalion - The Series Re-Boot coming in the Fall. 

We will be removing all of the commercials in the over 150 videos in the coming months and during this process developing a Traning Channel where you can watch Training being performed under NFPA regulations by these departments and then...Real Life Training that you see in our webisodes.

2017 Season Finale Features Harrisburg - a six camera shoot

2017 Season Finale - our 200th Show since we launched in 2007 - On December 27th - Harrisburg Bureau of Fire: It's a huge structure fire, the Tower is 1st in and it's not their 1st due area. This is the first Six-Camera shoot, from out of the barn to the very first on-scene. We are filming before the 1st lay of hose line...your gonna love this show... Wishing our 1st Responders from around the world a safe and warm Holiday Season...

Sincerely, the producers and crew from Tule Fog Productions.

The 2017 FDIC Experience Finale NOW!

Broadcast on November 30th 

NOW!!! Our 2017 FDIC Experience Finale The Fallen Firefighters 911- Stair Climb. 

Follow Lt. Mike Bastedo from the Snyder Fire Department from the opening ceremony thought his exhausting climb of 2200 stairs to the ringing of the bell - a very heart warming show of what thousands of firefighters from around the world do in support of the lives lost on September 11th; we will never forget...

Current New Show with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire in PA

Our Current New Show with Harrisburg Bureau of Fire continues with a two story structure fire, we arrive on scene with what the call, "Recall" since they only have 14 firefighters staffed, a structure fire brings in mutual aid with surrounding departments and Harrisburg firefighters off-duty, are called in, we ride with Recall. A boys bike gets toasted in this arson fire and the department finds the boy several newer bikes to choose from, he's speachless. A department doing what it can for it's community. This show features some great helmet camera from both the B.C.

Current New Show - fighting Cancer / structure fire use Tankers

New Current Show: October 19th -  this Special show was at the request of Prince George County Fire/EMS to feature a story of a firefighter that we interviewed earlier in the year that had thought she had beaten cancer, she is now fighting for her life. We will bring you here interview as will as a high note of sorts with a B.C. practicing his bagpipes on the apparatus floor and we take a long ride with the Safety Officer to a structure fire, a home in the woods fully involved and no hydrants....

Our Hearts and Prayers go out to Chief Brunancini's Family

Our hearts and prayers not only go out to the family of Fire Chief Brunacini, but also to his many friends that are feeling the lose of the former Phoenix Fire Chief who served as the Chief for 28 years.

Chief Brunacini joined the Department in 1959 and became the Chief in 1978. Chief Brunacini held every sworn position in the organization, including engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief and Assistant Chief. He was also a pioneer of the current National Standard on Firefighter Safety, NFPA 1500; rest in peace Chief...

We Present the Premiere of the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire

We Now Present you with the Premiere of the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire.

This first webisode is more of an introduction to the Chief, the Deputy Chief one of the Battalion Chiefs that will soon retire and several members of the crew on the Tower at Station 1 whom you will be seeing a lot of during this series of seven shows over the next six months. We have a lot of action and some great training from Firemanship Day.

Be safe.

Our "9/11/11 Ground Zero Dedication Special"

Our "9/11/11 Ground Zero Dedication Special"

This show includes footage from the games as well as the first look of the 911 Memorial prior to it's opening and then the families of the fallen firefighters as they speak to the thousands of people from around the world visiting the site of this devastation to our Nation.

We continue to pray for the souls lost on the horrific day in the history of our Country...stay safe.

From the crew of Tule Fog Productions