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Fellowship of Christian Firefighters International


The Fellowship of Christian Firefighters has been ministering to firefighters and first responders since 1977. The vision of our ministry is to glorify God in the fire service by building relationships that turn first responders hearts and minds toward Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:11), equipping them to serve Him (Ephesians 4:12). The fire service can be a difficult place to serve and we provide hope to those in need. Our members are firefighters and first responders who understand the stresses of today's firefighters. They provide resources to help you cope during your time of need. Check out our website to locate all of our daily devotions, articles, Bible studies and so much more. Sign up for our next online study, or better yet locate a group near you. If you have a need in your life please do not hesitate to contact our International Office. May God continue to bless you as you daily walk with Him.

Their Latest

The new Firefighter Outreach Bibles are ready for immediate distribution. Simply make a donation in any amount to FCFInternational in the month of May or June to receive your copy. Help finish the mission and support our Bible fund to ensure every firefighter receives a copy of the Bible. The new Firefighter Outreach Bible will help new believers or firefighters who are searching for truth to grow in their faith. Read the NEWS RELEASE for all of the latest information on the project.