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On the last day of the challenge we follow one of the US Teams on their third and final challenge. Can this young team stay in the top five with the teams from England and Sweden. We then see team's final meeting with the Judges as they go over the incident...some good, some, not so good. Who will come out on top and win this thing?

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Auto Extrication Competitions, or “Challenges” as they are commonly referred to, are held across the US, Canada and other parts of the globe. The purpose of these competitions is two-fold; teams are exposed to new techniques, methods and technology at these events, which improves their skills and knowledge enabling them to better serve their customers and the communities which they protect.

Parkland County

Our Parkland County series follows workers in both Devon and Stony Point

County Of Leduc

The County of Leduc follows departments from Edmonton Airport, the City of Leduc, and Alberta

Vehicle Extrication Association

The Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association (AVEA) is a proud member of the World Rescue Organisation, committed to contributing to the reduction of injury and deaths of Albertans involved in transportation emergencies through education, collaboration, partnerships, learning symposiums and challenges.