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TheBattalion.tv Networks Schedule of webisodes produced since our re-launch in 2015.

Our series with the San Francisco Fire Department dates back to May of 2007 when we launched.

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In Respect, and for Real-Life-Training purposes, each and every show on our website has been Authorized by the designated Department or Agency.

December 27th, our 2017 Season Finale and our 200th Show - Harrisburg Bureau of Fire: It's a huge structure fire, the Tower is 1st in and it's not their 1st due area. This is the first Six-Camera shoot, from out of the barn to the very first on-scene. We are filming before the 1st lay of hose line...your gonna love this show.

The Start of our 2017 Series Schedule Below:

January 31st -  Our first show for 2017 is with Prince Georges County Fire/EMS - St. Josephs Station, the day starts with a vehicle accident with the Engine Company, late night, a call comes in, we ride with the Battalion Chief, we arrive on scene with smoke through-out an apartment complex, the Fire Chief arrives on scene and takes command. 

February 28th - You will find this show in the Calaveras Consolidated Fire Series on the West Coast: The Chief offers his time to be one of the Safety Officers. Training is one of the most important components to be safe on the fire ground. The California State Firefighters Association's trainers cover the state with training evolutions that are free to any member, professional or volunteer, this show has some live fire training for Part I and continues with ventilation and then forcible entry; and a short story how one firefighter found The Battalion. 

March 23 - We are back in Cortez Colorado with the Cortez Fire Protection District to see how a small town department gears up and trains for a possible Hazmat call, portable pump pool drafting and several EMS calls.

March 30th - In this webisode, we return to Fresno California and spend 12 of a 48 with Battalion Chief Larry French in the 1st Battalion, at Station One which houses an Engine Company, a Battalion Chief and Hazmat. He starts his day like always, at his desk tracking  firefighters across his Battalion for the next 48 hours, who's on, who's off and who's trading. Then, he drops in on Engine Company 5 and his first time with a chainsaw, then, he meets up with a big group of Hazmat crew members on-scene at the railroad yard, night falls, a call comes in, it's a structure fire, smoke showing. 

May 16th - the re-edited version of the featured The "2017 FDIC Experience" as it begins - We recently filmed in Amherst New York with the Snyder "All Volunteer" Fire Department whom we followed to FDIC in 2016, and they are back again. This show features them are what most departments do a lot of EMS calls and Training, and can the weather change, from a sunny very cold day to a snowy night. A few calls, a few interviews, some great training with a great department as members get ready to go to FDIC in April, and we will once again be there at the Airport in Indianapolis Indiana to follow them on their journey.

May 31st - Prince Georges County Fire/EMS - A life lost, two lives saved: The morning starts with the Safety Officer arriving on-scene of the structure fire. Back at the station, it's positive pressure fan training with smoke at the tower. Late afternoon, we are riding with a new Battalion Chief with Prince Georges County Fire/EMS 5th Battalion, we see him at his station, we drive his 1st due and meet some of the firefighters at stations in his 1st due and at 6:42AM at the changing of crews, a call comes in...we arrive on scene of a single family home, the flames of the fire have been just put on, a male has been removed from the home and we watch them as the save a life. 

June 21st - The 2017 FDIC Experience continues with the arrival of the Snyder Fire Department and FDIC Trainer Randy Schmitz to Indianapolis Indiana to attend and teach training seminars, classes and cruzing the Expo Floor and much more. 

July 10th - A Special show filmed in Indiana with the Decatur Township Fire Department during the week of FDIC - This will be a two-part of a four-part series....It's all about physical fitness and cooking at the station with fresh and healthy foods that are quick and easy.

August 17th - The 2017 FDIC Experience continues with Thursdays Opening Ceremonies with Pipes and Drums, Color Guard, Featured Choir, Fire Engineering Editor and Chief Bobby Halton, then,k the Snyder Fire Commissioners, Lt. Bastado and the Expo Floor...

The Premiere of "American Firehouse Cuisine: a fully produced cooking show with Retired New York Firefighter and featured cook on National Television, Joe Bonnano, check out his video promo in our "Featured" video slider on our home page.  

Promo - Our new series with the Harrisburg Bureau of Fire in Pennsylvania. We have never had such a variety of calls filming 24/7 for two weeks since Fresno in 2013.

September 11th - Our 911 Special Show filmed on 9/11/11 with the opening of the memorial. 

September 19th, The PREMIERE of the "Harrisburg Bureau of Fire, meet the Chief, his staff and some of the members of the department as they respond do calls. This Series will bring you a new show once a month over the next seven months. 

October 19th - We changed our programming for this Special show at the requested by Prince George County Fire/EMS to feature a story of a firefighter that we interviewed earlier in the year that had thought she had beaten cancer, she is now fighting for her life. We will bring you here interview as will as a high note of sorts with a B.C. practicing his bagpipes on the apparatus floor and we take a long ride with the Safety Officer to a structure fire, a home in the woods fully involved and no hydrants....

November 9th  - Our second show with Harrisburg Bureau of Fire continues with a two story structure fire, we arrive on scene with what the call, "Recall" since they only have 14 firefighters staffed, a structure fire brings in mutual aid with surrounding departments and Harrisburg firefighters off-duty, are called in, we ride with Recall.

Our "2017 FDIC Experience" Finale The 911 Stair Climb - Follow Lt. Mike Bastedo from the Snyder Fire Department from the opening ceremony thought his exhausting climb to the ringing of the bell - a very heart warming show of what thousands of firefighters from around the world do in support of the lives lost on September 11th. 







TheBattalion.tv Networks 2016 Schedule

  • January 31st - 6:00PM PST Fresno Fire - Multi Structure Fire / Gas Leak
  • February 7th -  Mexicali Fire Donation Drive / How can your help?
  • February 21st - Meet the members of the Calaveras Consolidated Fire District
  • February 28th - Prince Georges County - Meet the crew members on the Rescue at Station 47
  • March 20th - The California State Firefighters Association LIVE Fire Training
  • April 3rd - The Edmonton Airport Fire Department - Live Fire Training - They respond to a commercial fire
  • April 15th - "The FDIC Experience" following the Snyder Fire Dept. from N.Y... to FDIC. Our DP. will be filming them from the 17th through the 23rd, get it the shot!
  • May 11th  - "The FDIC Experience" Snyder Firefighters arrive at Indy, Day 1 of Training for the 1st Timer, and Classes for the Commissioner
  • May 18th - Morning, Opening Ceremonies: Chief Bobby Halton's powerful message, the Commissioner Instructs a class, a FDIC Radio show with the Commish...and more 
  • June 5th - Expo Set-up, The Commissioner teaches class, The Commissioner on FDIC Blog-Radio, , The Fun-Run with the Boys from Snyder and Bobby Halton the Gladiator that he is...
  • June 29th - Wednesday night at 6:00PM PST. Fresno Fire Department - Truck 11, snake for lunch a vehicle extraction after Dinner.
  • July 27th - "The FDIC Experience" Finale show - The Chief checks out the Expo Floor. "1st Timer" Lieutenant Mike Hasdeder from the Snyder Fire Department in Buffalo New York participates in his first 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb for the National Fallen Firefighters
  • August 15th - Calaveras Consolidated Fire - The First 12 hours of a 48 with this combination department as the test, train, and respond to calls in the Sierra Mountains of California
  • September 11th - Our 9/11/11 Ground Zero Dedication Special
  • October 2 - Water Rescue on the Calaveras River - Catch up with B.C. Olsen at Incident Command on the Lake Fire
  • October 19th - Cortez Fire Protection District -  "Women on the Watch" returns. Assistant Chief Bulke - It's all about training and testing equipment.
  • November 13th- Our first "Re-Boot" The Jersey Shore Fire with Westampton Township in New Jersey
  • November 23rd - We are back once more with the Cortez Fire Protection District with some Hazmat Training and Drafting from a portable water source.
  • December 14th - We are back with the Calaveras Fire Protection District, the Battalion Chief returns from the Lake Fire and testing of the Argo continues.
  • December 29 - A new Show from Alberta Canada with the Stony Plain Fire Department featuring Drafting Techniques and their new Fort Gary Rescue.
  • Happy Holidays! 
  • The crew at Tule Fog Productions will be enjoying the Holidays with our families. Film Production starts for our 2017 Season in February and our Series returns with all new shows and Battalion LIVE Feed Broadcasts on Wednesday, February 1st...




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