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An EMS call comes in. A young child is not breathing, and Asst. Chief Bulke arrives on-scene. Next up, ventilation training with chainsaws. Only two students from the class show up to the training: Deputy McEachern and a student named Tanner. The Asst. Chief is impressed. A call comes in -- a plume of smoke has been spotted at the foot of the Ute Mountain. Assistant Chief Bulke heads out with his students close behind. Some of the locals and a guy riding his bike across the country with his dog are seen putting out the fire when we arrive on-scene. After the fire is put out, it's back to training. This time its extrication training with firefighter Chad Daniels.

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Cortez Fire

The Cortez Fire Protection District is an all-risk emergency service organization. They respond to all types of fire related emergencies, medical emergencies and special situational responses, including hazardous materials.