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This 24 follows one of the new volunteers, Taz, who arrived early and jumps on a call. The call comes in as a residential fire -- this one down the same road windy and dangerous road we have traveled before. This time we are in the engine. After nearly thirty minutes, we make a right off the main road onto a dirt road and come upon a bridge. With no load rating available, and unsure of the weight of the engine full of water, the engineer slowly crosses the bridge. We arrive on scene to find the Fire Chief, who lives out in this neck of the woods, on scene. It's a fire in the chimney of this hand-built, creatively designed home. There's a lot of homesteaders in this area. Taz shows up on the water tender – there's no hydrants out here. The fire is put out, the home owners are educated on what not to do, and the engine company returns to the station. Then, once again, in the bitter cold, it's vehicle extraction training with their brand new HURST eDralics tools. It's always fund to play with new tools. Late, a call comes in.

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Cortez Fire

The Cortez Fire Protection District is an all-risk emergency service organization. They respond to all types of fire related emergencies, medical emergencies and special situational responses, including hazardous materials.