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7:00AM, first call of the day, it's a vehicle accident on County Road "G" and you can see the rain clouds. The Rescue, Engine and Assistant Chief Bulke respond. This road goes to the Utah border, running code here depends on the weather, what is a 45 minute drive on a sunny day could could be as long as 2 hours in the now, and longer on black ice. As a person who does this job because they care, it can only be difficult with anxiety hidden by 1st responders in these mountains to be hopeful that they arrive on-scene in time to save their patient. They arrive on-scene where on patient self extricated and the other is trapped in the vehicle. Upon returning to the station, they grab they Water Rescue Survival gear and head to an indoor pool to train to get in the gear and float in the pool. Back at the station, a call comes in, it's a house not far from the station where smoke is filling the air of a home owner. Assistant Chief Bulke is a Chief that knows how to find the grants available for needed gear for his department, how to correctly acquire data and document this data and fill out the grant requests correctly. Now, he has the funds for new SCBA's and he has the members of his department test the "Best in Class."

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The Cortez Fire Protection District is an all-risk emergency service organization. They respond to all types of fire related emergencies, medical emergencies and special situational responses, including hazardous materials.