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9-11 special

9-11 Westampton

Our "9/11/11 Ground Zero Dedication Special" with Firefighters and 1st Responders from around the world who competed in the World Police and Fire Games held across New York City were in attendance to support the families of fallen firefighters.

Special footage from an assignment with PG County.

Our current video-webisode features the California State Firefighters Association the the fine work they do to train new volunteer firefighters and to give an opportunity to any member the opportunity to train with some of the best professional firefighter trainers in North America. This is a featured Calaveras Consolidated Fire show as Chief Robitelle from Calaveras is one of the Safety Officers as he continues to donate his time when ever it is needed by the CSFA across all of California. 

A Special show filmed in Indiana with the Decatur Township Fire Department during the week of FDIC - This will be a two-part of a four-part series....It's all about physical fitness and cooking at the station with fresh and healty foods that are quick and easy.

The FDIC Experience - Preparation: Commissioner Tom Merrill and Fire Chief Paul Griebner meet up at the station. A 100% Volunteer Fire Department, these dedicated members are there to take care of their community. They are strong advocates of Training and Education. They meet to discuss the upcoming FDIC Expo when a call comes in. Later, they discuss the available classes. Commissioner Merrill not only attends classes, he's also an Educator. Chief Griebner will be attending classes as well. So many great classes, which ones will be available? Most recently firefighter Mike Bastedo made Lieutenant, he's attending his 1st FDIC Experience.

Happy holidays from The Battalion and the Branchville Volunteers.

The FDIC Experience continues with Part 3 the Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (F.O.O.L.S.) party all night to close out a great day; the Snyder Crew are somewhere in this crowd. Morning, companies set up their booths. The Commissioner attended classes, now he's an Instructor. The Fire Chief and two Lieutenants attend a class while the Commissioner is a featured guest host on Radio. Late afternoon, the sky opens pounding down rain, the Commissioner and the Lieutenant join Chief Halton at the Fun-Run as rain pours down on the event, night- firefighters party at Indy.

The FDIC Experience Starts: Sunday, April 17th, Indianapolis Airport, Part 1: Snyder Fire Department crew appears, grab their luggage and head to town. They check into their Hotel, and head to the Expo for their credentials. The Commissioner checks in with Audio/Visual testing. Day 2, early morning, firefighters arrive at the conference center, most take to the floor. The busses arrive, firefighters board with enthusiasm. Lieutenant Bastedo, a 1st timer at FDIC is on his way to HOTS, they arrive at an abandoned mall. Convention Center, Commissioner Merrill attends a class, "you can never get enough knowledge"


The FDIC Experience Part 2 - Opening Ceremonies: Morning, the hotel dining area, the Chief and the Lieutenants have breakfast and discuss some of the classes they have taken. The meet up with others from Snyder Fire and head to the Convention Center. If you have never been to FDIC, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW. This morning is Opening Ceremonies, it starts off with the Editor and Chief of Fire Engineering, Bobby Halton. The Chief commands the stage with a message. The Drums and Pipes end the morning with an emotional video, names of firefighters we've lost. 

Mexicali Mexico - Webisoe #2 continues, They find the body. Night: without the nesesary tools, access to this structure was very difficult to say the least; once inside, they find the body. This was the show that drove us to create the "Donate Mexicali" donation drive. Throughout this series you will see that this department is in dire strights for everything needed to run a department and keeping it's members safe. Morning, the Chief talks about their "First Due" then a call comes in, it's a major gas leak in the streets in one of the commercial parts of Mexicali Baja California Mexico.

The Jersey Shore Boardwalk Fire began the afternoon of September 12th. I was filming with Westampton Township Emergancy Fire in New Jersey when the fire started. We watched the blaze take building after building on the big screen TV, I really wanted to filme this event when the call came in, the Assistant Chief was called out to set up the Staging Area, I jumped in the buggy with the Director of Operations and the Chief and off we went. We came into town, set-up the Staging area when Engine 28 from Westampton arrived, I jumped on-board with the crew and we headed towards the biggest fire I had ever filmed, and was the only one allowed to film on the Boardwalk; watch this one.

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