Filming for the Firefighters Cancer Support Network with Boston Fire | Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

Our involvement with the Firefighters Cancer Support has just begun. We are very excited to be a part of supporting this organization, this is all due to the direction given to us via Chief Bobby Halton from the Pennwell Fire Group when we were asked to film their Awards Gala here in Los Angeles, he did not know that he too was getting an award and we were proud to be there. You will see all of this in an upcoming Special webisode in 2016.

We just returned from filming in Boston and learned that every year, 20 Boston firefighters are diagnosed with cancer, and more than 160 have died since 1990. Firefighters are dying from Cancer around the world

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August 3, 2015  The Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN), announced it is providing occupational cancer awareness and prevention training to the Boston Fire Department (BFD).

FCSN President Bryan Frieders, a Division Chief with the San Gabriel (CA) Fire Department, praised Boston's collaborative and aggressive approach to reducing firefighters' occupational cancer risk. "Addressing the occupational cancer epidemic requires a cultural change for the fire service," Frieders said. " Fire Commissioner Joe Finn and Boston Fires IAFF Local 718 President Richie Paris are leading from the front. Their work together with FCSN illustrates how effective labor-management relationships can be to enhance the safety and well-being of firefighters.

Another member of this Team: Dr. Michael Hamrock MD

Dr. Michael Hamrock is an experienced and trusted primary care doctor caring for the Chestnut Hill and Brighton, MA communities. Dr. Hamrock attended the University of Massachusetts, where he earned his degree in medicine. He completed his residency at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, and was started off his professional career as a Boston Firefigthter.

Please take a moment to watch how Boston Firefighters Fight Cancer in this Emotional New Video

As you know, cancer is the leading cause of firefighter line-of-duty deaths in the United States. Cancer caused 60 percent of line-of-duty deaths for career firefighters between 2002-2014, according to International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) data. Naturally, volunteer and call Firefighters across North America even more so increase the overall numbers. 

Please direct inquiries about FCSN firefighter cancer prevention pilot to Tim Elliott  

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