Current New Show with Snyder Fire the 2017 FDIC Experience | Firefighter Series - Fire, EMS, Rescue, Training

OUR NEW SHOW - THE 2017 FDIC EXPERIENCE with the Snyder Fire Department in the State of New York. 

We followed them in 2016, you may have seen that series. In January we went and visited with the department for a week as they completed their weekly training, some of what they learned at the 2016 HOT, we learn more abut this 100% Volunteer fire department rich in tradition and forward thinking ahead with both modern technology and old school that always works. They check out some new gear and arrive on scene of a vehicle accident not more than a block away... and you may have seen us filming them this week for the FDIC 2017 Experience...that new show will be broadcast in early's all about training.

Be safe.