Vehicle Extrication
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Extrication Instructor
Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association
Calgary, AB


Randy has been Involved in the extrication field extensively for over twenty-three years. He has competed in all levels of competition including Regional, International and World Challenges. He is the Educational Chairmen for the“Transport Emergency Rescue Committee” in Canada, is the Chairmen For the “Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association, a ”T.E.R.C International Extrication Judge as well as an Instructor of Extrication courses across Canada and the U.S.A. Randy supplies technical information and photos for “Crash Recovery System” a software extrication guide that enables rescuers to work safer and quicker during extrication of accident victims from today’s modern vehicles. He is also a tester and evaluator for manufactured prototype products for extrication equipment. Randy was a also presenter at FDIC 2012 for “New Vehicle Technology and how it affects you,” FDIC 2013-2015, “Heavy Truck Extrication," he was the Chairman for the 2010 North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge and Instructor and course developer for the Big Rig H.O.T. Symposium.He has provided expertise testimony for subject matter pertaining to extrication related incidents in the court of law. Randy’s film career is as an expert for “Hybrid Extrication” that was filmed for Discovery Channel Network. Randy has also been seen on TheBattalion.tv's Canadian Series. Randy also designed “Schmitz Mittz” extrication gloves.